Introduction to CCRV blog! Welcome!

First, let me introduce you to what this blog is going to be about. Our original target was fuel efficient RV’s, specifically, creating your own minivan camper (more fuel efficient than anything else out there) and saving money while using it.

But as I was writing the ebook to go with this web site and blog, I realized that literally EVERYONE has been hurt by this economy, with losing jobs, losing the additional money they had set aside for retirement, and sometimes even losing the ability to travel as they would like to.  And now, with fuel prices rising again, many people who own the larger RV’s are forced to cut back on the miles that they put on them because of fuel costs.  For many, even if they keep them, they choose less trips, stay longer at one place when they do travel, and sometimes even park them for the entire season, rather than get out and see the country with them.

So it isn’t about whether you can only afford to backpack, or whether you suddenly find yourself limited in going places with your big Class A or 5th-wheel.  It’s about finding ways to still do the things you use to do on less money. So this site and blog is really about all of us who have the love to travel and want to do it affordably, so that we can do MORE of it!

If you need a way to do that, or just enjoy reading about alternative ways of doing it, we have something for everyone in our new book on creating your own minivan camper and then saving money and staying safe while using it. We will show you how to create a “mini-motorhome” with all the comforts of home including a shower with endless hot water.  Everything that we propose, we are going to be building in our own shop, and will have pictures of exactly what we are doing.  And in our concept van, our goal is to show how everything that we build outside of the van, can be installed, removed, and reinstalled in another van without using any tools.

But if minivans seem too confined for longer term living, we also have ideas for other types of camping, from backpacking to full-size Class A luxury RV’s.  Our goal is to show you how to save money on the things that you are going to need anyway, so that no matter what type of camping or traveling you do, you will find something that will help you.  And it will be on much more than just products.  We will show you how to save money on fuel, on camping fees, and even on membership parks, if that is how you travel.

We will also show you how to stay safe while camping.  But no one person, regardless of their experience level knows literally “everything”.  That is where we want our readers to participate in this blog, and to share your own ideas on the topics we present.

To prevent a lot of useless spam, all we ask is your name and email address to make comments here.  That WILL NOT put you on a mailing list of our own or anyone else’s. It WILL notify you of new posts, once a day, provided there IS a new post on that day. Many times there isn’t. (If you wish to receive information from us, we will have an opt-in form on our site for that purpose.) We do monitor all comments, so if you have a question or comment on something, we WILL see it and respond.  All we ask is that you keep comments useful, on topic, and respectful of others at all times.

Our web site and online store will be continually updated with the the best, most practical, and yet sometimes hard-to-find products that we can find, all of which will be specifically geared toward campers and RV’ers. As we find useful links, we will post those on our links page with recommendations as to what they are and how to use them.

At any time, if you have questions, please let me know. If you have links to recommend, even your own, we will allow “shameless plugs” for products, but at the same time, please provide some useful information along with it. We want particpation more than your link.

Keep in mind, this is a work in progress, so don’t be surprised if the header picture changes, or other things change.  In fact we will be making many changes in the coming weeks and months, but it will all be in a quest to make things better for our readers.