I’m going to Boycott Yahoo!

I have been getting an average of about 50 spam emails a day, most of which goes to my spam box, but since occasionally other things go there that shouldn’t, I have it set to empty it manually. Since Windows Live gives the provision to block either just the sender or the whole domain, I always right click on the emails and look at the properties before I decide, for fear that I could block whole groups from a common email address.

In other words, I pay attention to where they are coming from. I have found that a good 73% of these spam emails are coming from senders who use Yahoo email services, as indicated by the Yahoo.com after their name.

First of all, it’s no secret among professional marketers that Yahoo email is not their first choice. In fact there have been a couple of cartoons going around about how the different public email services rank as far as professionalism. Yahoo is not at the bottom of that list, as there is at least one even worse, but it is far from the top.

But credit needs to be given where credit is due. Yahoo has a lot of good things going for it. For one thing, I don’t know of any other service that equates to their Yahoo Groups, and I know many of  you, along with myself use that service. In fact I am a moderator for one of the groups. No, I didn’t start the group. Someone appointed me.

So before this turns into a “Yahoo bash”, please be aware that I am ONLY boycotting their email… specifically their inbound email coming to my inboxes on other services.

I have spent hours trying to find out who to report their spam to, and although they give plenty of instructions on how to report spam if you are using a Yahoo address, they give you the run-around in letting you know how to stop their mail from coming into another address! In other words, they don’t want you to report it to them, because then they may have to actually DO something about it!

Most professional companies have an email address to report spam to, and they make it very clear. They have addresses like abuse(at)(domain) or “spam(at)(domain)” where they monitor and act on such problems. Even eBay and PayPal have their “spoof” email address to report those kinds of things to, and they are very good about customer service in that they do respond to them.

And I know there are other places, like SpamCop and the FCC’s spam(at)uce.gov, where you can forward suspicious emails, and to make it very clear, I DO report EVERY spam email I get to the proper authorities… when I can find them. They all have an address to send them to… except Yahoo!

And by the way, I’m sure most of you don’t know it, but there is a protocol that you have to use to send them. You can’t just forward them. With the email open, you have to right-click on “properties” which then opens a window that has two tabs on it. One of those is “details”. THAT is the headers for your email, and you have to highlight and copy everything in that window, and then paste it back into the top of the body of the forwarded email message being sent to whomever you are reporting to. That is the ONLY way they will act on it, because if you simply forward it, they cannot see all the details of where it originated!

And also for those who don’t know… any time you hit reply, or forward, it automatically puts the email into edit mode, so please stop forwarding all that garbage that shows everyone’s email addresses in it! If you have to forward stuff, at least delete all the email address headers off it first! It’s no one else’s business who is on that list, and the spammers just love to get ahold of stuff like that!

It’s also a good reason why you should have more than one email address, and NEVER use business email for non-business use, or vice-versa!

For those of us who use an email “handler”, like Outlook Express, Windows Live, Eudora, or some other program to pull all emails into one spot, we have no “spam button” to automatically report suspicious emails. And apparently Yahoo only worries about other people sending their clients spam! I have never seen all these spam emails come into my Yahoo account. But I can’t see that they have made any attempt to stop the spam that goes out from their own accounts! In other words, Yahoo is HELPING these spammers by not policing their own outbound emails! No other account that I know of will let a user send out thousands of emails a day, all with the same subject and/or content… without investigating it… because they all know better!

I’m sure many of you have gotten emails from Canadian pharmacies, Dr. Maxman, and many other places where you wouldn’t want your children to even read the subject line, let alone the email itself! I have tried to do my due diligence in stopping this crap from happening, and yet theses spammers use software to crank out a never-ending line of nonsense email addresses, so blocking just one doesn’t do any good! They will simply keep sending more under other names!

Maybe one person can’t make a difference, but the more people that are aware of the problem, the more we CAN make a difference! From today forward, I am blocking the domain that these emails are coming from, which means that any of you who send me personal emails from Yahoo email addresses will also be blocked! I have nothing against you, and would love to hear from all of you! Just find a better email carrier to send it to me… that’s all I’m asking!

Oh yes, I also have a Yahoo account, because I am also a member of some of their better services, like Yahoo Groups. But I WILL NOT send from that address, and what little bit I get inbound is usually from Yahoo itself! Belonging to their other services is the ONLY reason I have an account with them!

As an alternative for those who have Yahoo accounts who have a reason to keep them, you can leave a comment on the blog, use my contact forms on any of my web sites, or simply use a service who cares about the quality of the service they provide to the ENTIRE public… not just their own account holders!

So who holds the top position among recommended email services? It has been voted by a wide margin that Gmail has the most professionally managed email services, and that most businesses who do not have an email account built into their sites (free blogs are a good example) prefer to use Gmail over any other public account. And Hotmail ranks second behind them. I won’t mention how far down the line Yahoo ranks!

So what does this decision affect?  Only the inbound email to any of my other accounts that originates from a Yahoo email account. I will still be sending mail and notifications TO any Yahoo accounts that are subscribed, and of course they can still comment and send in my contact forms. And yes, I will still be watching my trash mail for anything that doesn’t belong there, except now I have less sorting to do and one click will empty everything.

Of course, none of that garbage mail shows up on MY Yahoo account, because like I said, they filter mail for their own clients. They just refuse to police the outgoing mail from their servers to anyone else! So until they decide to act responsibly to the entire general public, I have no choice but to block all of the mail from their services to mine… except my own Yahoo account, which works fine… so far.

OK, let’s hear your thoughts, and yes, you may have to look below the “social button” bar at the bottom, to the little gray link that says either “Leave a comment” or “x comments” (the x being a placeholder for the actual number that will show up there). You may have to either click on that link or go to the recent post title in the right margin in order to access the comments. Sorry, but I haven’t found a way to change that…yet. Come one, be honest, now… I know that at least a few of you didn’t know that! So there’s no more excuses for not commenting!

6 thoughts on “I’m going to Boycott Yahoo!

  1. PLEASE do not report spam from Yahoo to spamcop. Many internet providers use the spamcop black list for outright blocking…and guess what…Yahoo ends up on that list sometimes because of being reported. That means that members of the Yahoo group you moderate end up not being able to get group emails because their email provider is blocking them based on a spamcop listing. Talk about a major pain in the butt…

    • I haven’t reported them to Spamcop…yet. So far all I’ve done is to right click on them and use the Junk Mail option to block the senders domain (as opposed to just blocking the sender). The problem is that Windows Live mail doesn’t block the ISP provider, but rather puts the senders name on it as part of the “domain”. I’m still getting stuff from Yahoo with all kinds of garbage on it. Yahoo needs to clean up its act, and stop allowing these kinds of users on their accounts. But they apparently don’t care, as they don’t even give you a place to report it to… unless the receiver also happens to be a Yahoo customer. But I have a Yahoo account, and that kind of mail never shows up there! They are real good at filtering out garbage for their users but don’t give a damn about the general public! This is why… out of all the hundreds of professional marketers that I know… not a single one of them uses Yahoo for email. It’s only the scammers and spammers that will use it. The general public that doesn’t know about the problem are innocent bystanders who get caught up in their mess! Besides reporting all this to uce.gov, I don’t know of anyone else with the authority to do anything about it. Work-arounds are not the answer. We need some way to make Yahoo wake up and pay attention to the problem they have created! Anyone have any ideas out there?

  2. I will try to remember not to send you email from my Yahoo address, which I have had since 1999. I have a gmail address, which I got mainly because I have a friend who wanted to use that IM and no other. After about six months, I still dislike gmail rather intensely. I do not operate a business, so that’s not an issue for me. The rest of your posting is too technical for me to understand.

    • Hi Calvin,

      Sorry to hear that you don’t like Gmail, since it is much preferred by businesses, and has so many features that the others lack… such as great spam protection for both users as well as the general public. People who are not in marketing probably never see that stats that I see, or experience the problems that I, and others in this business, run into. I have Yahoo mail also, and for basic family email it’s fine… but it doesn’t meet the standards that businesses need. They do obviously protect their own users from all the spam that they allow to be turned loose on the public in their outbound emails. I try not to get too technical in explanations, and I try to make them as accurate as possible, if people will only read and think through the process, but I can’t please everyone. Those who “get it” will “get it”, and those who don’t probably don’t need to know anyway. If it doesn’t affect them, and they don’t care about boycotting a company that is not doing what they should be doing for the safety of the public and the betterment of the internet in general, then they will continue to do what they have always done. All I can do is present the information and reasoning.

  3. I agree with you 100%. I also found Windows Live to be quite spammy as well. Thats why I chose to go with Google’s Gmail. It is almost as good as MS Outlook as well and I dont gey much spam either. You can have multiple email addresses and sort your emails into different folders as well. You can also get your emails on your Android phone if you have one.

    Your options are there you just need to pick the one that suits you best. Good luck.


    • Hi Steve,

      Thank you for your input. I have also seen many problems with Windows Live, including the loss of paragraph formatting when you try to copy from one email into another one. I do have my Gmail account set up with many of my business addresses, particularly my PayPal receipts. Having more than one way to access your business email is a safeguard against losing important communications, and I have found that Gmail has about every feature you could ever ask for. However, for professional appearance, you should ALWAYS use the email that is already provided free with a business domain. Some people don’t realize how much it hurts their credibility to have a dot com domain and then an email at a free public service. It speaks volumes of “amateur”! I have all of my server mail forwarded to Gmail, plus I have Windows Live pull it straight from the server, as well as from Gmail and Hotmail. Yahoo is the only one that refuses to work that way, so I have to go to the site to check it. The redundancy insures that nothing gets lost. I have several email addresses for each of my domains, and I also have accounts for other non-business reasons at all of the major free email providers (close to 30 in all) which is why I prefer to use a system that gathers them all into one place. That also gives me the option of going into each one individually from the web in case anything ever happens to my computer. This new Windows Live, though, certainly has a lot of bugs over the former Outlook Express. Has anyone tried any other email management systems that will work with Windows 7? I really hate to pay the price for Microsoft Office just to get Outlook Express again!

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