Paul – An RV movie you can’t miss!

I just came across one of the funniest RV travel related movies I have ever seen… even better than “RV”… well OK, that’s my own opinion. But if you enjoy RV movies and comedy, then you have to see this. Watch the trailer, and then below, I have a link for you!

If you want to own this movie, like I do, I have provided a link to where you can get it here:

Or you might be able to get it on Netflix.

OK… where’s the popcorn?

2 thoughts on “Paul – An RV movie you can’t miss!

    • Hi Don,

      Thanks for that great video. That guy has a very efficient shop there in his cabover truck with a liftgate. And you’re right, some of those ideas could very well come in handy when creating any kind of camper conversion. Now if my own shop only looked half as good as his!

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