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Nomads Notes Comprehensive Travel Diary Software 

OK – you are almost ready to hit the road. You have been planning your trip of a lifetime for months (or even years) now. For some you have a planned route with day by day stops pinpointed and booked, for others you just have a general direction of travel planned. You have purchased or built the motorhome, caravan or trailer of your dreams. You have retired, taken long service leave or just given up the job to fulfill your dreams.
When you get home again you will have some great memories and lot of photos.

But what about the rest of the memories:

  • where was that great campsite I found?
  • how much did I really pay for fuel?
  • what was my fuel mileage?
  • what is the phone number or email address of those great friends we met along the way?
  • how much did the total trip “really” cost me?

End the confusion!

There is now a great new tool for recording all these details of your trip and much more.

Nomads Notes allows the traveller to record all aspects of a trip. Features include:

  • a day-by-day journal for chronicling daily activities;
  • track multiple vehicle mileage, fuel consumption and fuel cost,
  • nightly campsite details, locations and costs etc, as well as
  • a photo album to record pictures taken,
  • contacts list to record details of the friends you meet along the way,
  • expenses that you can categorize yourself,
  • vehicle maintenance,
  • radio and TV stations.

No more complicated math!

No need to worry about complicated formulas to work out your fuel economy or your expenses. Nomads Notes does it all for you. If you still think in the old language of miles per gallon instead of the newer metric language the program also converts the metric to imperial for you. You can even export your journal to html for uploading to your website or blog, if you have one.

Even if you want to use some parts of the program and record only your fuel economy, expenses and campsite information, you do not have to use the rest. It is up to you which aspects of the program you use.

Can I use this software on my machine?

The software runs on any Windows platform. You can download it direct to your computer – no waiting for the postman to arrive. A CD version can be sent to your postal address if you prefer. “After sales” support is offered by email, and a 100% money back guarantee applies. See website for details. You can pay by credit card via Paypal, or if you are an Australian resident by bank deposit or check.

How can I see what it does before I buy it?

They have the complete operating manual online here, so you can see the whole program with screenshots of every step, from the download instructions and set up to putting the program to use! Believe me… no handwritten notebook or even a spreadsheet could ever do all this!

Nomads Notes Control Panel 1

Nomads Notes Control Panel 1

Nomads Notes is practical, complete travel diary that provides organization without effort, makes the trip easier and provides the information in a concise format to share with family and friends that will be used as a reference for years to come. For more information see the Nomads Notes website.

As travelers ourselves, and having extensive knowledge of spreadsheets, we always kept track of trip expenses on our own self-designed spreadsheet, which is OK for expenses, but even with that, there are many things that must be kept track of in many other places. That’s where it gets confusing. Recording contact information of people you meet, where you met them and which trip you met them on, plus recording maps, favorite campsite information and daily activities is more than most spreadsheets are designed for!

After a great trip, the last thing you want to spoil it is the aggravation of trying to organize all the information you collected. When you get back home and try to organize your photos, are you going to remember all those places you visited and who was in the photos? Where did you put the contact information for all those people you met along the way? If you want to locate that campground you liked so well on a future trip, or refer friends to it, are you going to be able to find it again? What are you going to do with all those photos you took? Are they going to get lost in some file that you will never be able to find if you want to show them to someone?

Believe it or not, most people don’t know how to find their image files after they have uploaded them to their computer, and have no idea how to show them to anyone, let alone upload them to a web site or blog! Having a travel journal would help you document all those things and sort them out by providing one place that you would use time after time, and wouldn’t forget where everything was located! And rather than have different information in different places, it is SO much easier to have it all in one place, where you can organize expenses, contact information, maps, photos and journal all in one place!!

We have “upgraded” from our old spreadsheet to Nomad’s Notes and now that we have used it, we don’t know how we ever did without it. Navigation is easy and all calculations are done for you, which is FAR better than trying to total trip expenses and mileage manually! Photos are stored in easily found folders for each trip, so when we want to show them to friends or upload to our blog, we know exactly where they are. So why not throw that old disorganized hand-written notebook away and get in the 21st century with this great travel diary software! You won’t regret it!

What if my computer crashes and I lose all the information?

ANY computer user should have all of their files backed up somewhere off-site! Putting them on an external hard drive is NOT the answer! If you are traveling, and your RV catches on fire, or is stolen, wrecked or simply burglarized, chances are, your external hard drive is going to be gone, along with all your trip memories, too. The same thing could happen to a hand-written notebook and any other physical items!

What you need is off-site storage, that works in the background, in between your own key strokes so that it doesn’t slow you down, and AUTOMATICALLY stores everything on your computer without you even having to remember to do it! That’s what Carbonite does! For about 16 cents a day, it will protect your entire computer, so that if it crashes, is stolen or destroyed, you can go get a new computer, log-in to Carbonite, and download all of your files right back to where you had them stored before! As a 14-year veteran in online marketing, I recommend it as part of my free beginner marketing training at, and I use it myself. I have already gone through a major computer failure, and without Carbonite, I would have had weeks of delays in getting my business up and running again, and still lost many important files. As it was, I was back up and running with a new computer (even went from XP to W7 in the process) and had everything back to normal within 24 hours!

But even if you aren’t in business, you need back-up protection from Carbonite, to save all your tax records, photos, address books, and anything else you have stored on your computer. Even if you only use it for email, think about how many family pictures have been sent to you on email. Maybe you don’t even know how to save them to another file or preserve them in some other way! Carbonite will save them for you, without you even having to think about it! EVERYONE should have off-site back-up protection, and I can attest from personal experience, Carbonite is the best!