Valpo Velvet Ice Cream Parlor

It hardly seems like it has been a year since our Indiana trip, but I know I have gotten seriously behind on keeping up this blog. Before this month is out I plan to finish the last posts in this series.

No matter where you go on vacation, if you are gone long enough, you are bound to get into some weather situations as we did on this day. The forecast called for partly cloudy, with rain likely, clearing to sun in the afternoon. After running some errands, we decided to go someplace we had never been before, although we had been past it many, many times… Valpo Velvet Ice Cream Parlor.

And since it practically sets at the front of the largest, and one of the oldest lumber yards and builder’s stores in the county, Von Tobel Lumber, which we have also been to many times before, I’m surprised we didn’t see the brightly colored store front for Valpo Velvet Ice Cream.

Valpo Velvet East side

The Valpo Velvet Ice Cream Store as seen from Von Tobel’s parking lot.

And just to the left of that is a billboard-sized introduction to the store.

Valpo Velvet Sign East side

Valpo Velvet Ice Cream Parlor sign facing Von Tobel’s parking lot.

Besides the bright colors of the store front, which faces east toward Von Tobel’s parking lot, the north side is no slouch on color either. How we could have ignored such a thing all these years is beyond me!

Valpo Velvet North side

The north side of the Valpo Velvet Ice Cream Parlor.

 But the outside is still not a taste of what’s inside… velvety goodness in so many flavors it puts the nationally known chains to shame! Inside is a walk-up counter and ample seating where you can see and choose what you are getting, and have it served in many different ways!

Valpo Velvet Counters

The walk-up counter inside Valpo Velvet Ice Cream Parlor

And besides the countless flavors of ice cream, they also have a few other light lunch offerings, too, making sure there is plenty of room left for dessert…preferably more than one kind!

(Update:9/9/14: I just realized this morning that the video, which should be showing below, is not showing on my iPad, so if you are on a mobile device and don’t see the video below. here is the link to it:

And if this doesn’t make you hungry for ice cream, go check out their Facebook page and hit the Like button, to keep up with what goes on there!

What else can I say? Other than it’s one of the top-rated ice cream parlors in the State of Indiana!

After a delicious lunch here, we were delayed in departure when the skies opened up, and nearly flooded everything. By the time we could get out to go get the car, there wasn’t much to do on a day like that except to go see a movie. The gals don’t always want to see what I want, so it has to be by mutual vote (and the theater schedule matching ours) so we decided on Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeifer in “The Family”.

Actually, it was a pretty fun movie, with cameos by Tommy Lee Jones and Vincent Pastore. Some may find it a little violent, but hey…it’s all in fun, right? And everybody left the theater without a scratch on them.

The next day was just a relaxing day after all our running around earlier in the week. Bonnie, Sharon’s sister, has a beautiful home and a back yard to match…a great place for entertaining or just relaxing in the sun.

Bonnies Back Patio 1

The back of Bonnie’s house with her deck.

In our next post we will finally visit the Taltree Arboretum and their fantastic train layout, so hang in there. And if you need more to read, check out my other blog at detailing our preparations for beginning our full-time RV lifestyle, which we will be starting by August (update: make that November) of 2015. Make sure you subscribe to new post notifications to keep up with us.

Until next time, stay well and travel safe!