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This blog was originally started to go along with the main site. We are currently working on a project to create a minivan camper, and the main web site has been redirected to the ebook offer page, and this blog is about the project as well as other of our travels.

Those who sign up for the free ebook on the main site will receive information via email regarding only that project. This blog may be about any subject related to RV’ing or camping topics, or the use of such blogs as this one. Those who opt-in here will receive notifications of new posts whenever there are new posts added. You only receive one notification per day ONLY even if there are multiple posts that day.

The frequency of publication may vary, depending on the topic, or whether I feel like writing anything. There may be times when it goes more than a week between posts, and other times, such as in the “Etiquette” series, it may happen every day and then ease up again.

I know that I don’t have time to read all blog notifications or all emails that I receive every day, and maybe you don’t, either. That is why we send out notifications only, as a simple reminder that something has been published.  You can either leave it in your inbox as a reminder to come back later, or if you have no interest in the post you can delete the notice and not bother to visit the blog. That is your choice.  We only let you know something is there that’s new. YOU control the frequency at which you read it… if at all.

For some people, every day emails are too often. Other people may feel “left out” if they don’t get something nearly every day. I can’t please everyone, which is why YOU have a choice as to how often you come to the blog to read it. If you don’t want to read it every day, then ignore the notifications until you do feel like reading… simple as that.

If you find that you don’t want to be notified anymore, then I have made it very easy to come and go as often as you wish. There is a Subscribe/Unsubscribe form at the top of the right margin, where no one should miss them.

I make every attempt to operate my business within the law as well as common sense, and believe in treating people with the same respect that I would hope they would treat me.

I’m not one for glossing over the truth as I see it. I have my own opinions based on my own experiences. I try to relate what I know without providing sources. This is not a documentary, but simply thoughts based on my own knowledge and experiences. If anyone sees something definitely wrong with what I say, and can prove it with written facts, I will be glad to post the findings and make retractions in the comments, AFTER I verify that it was wrong.

I won’t publish little quips that don’t contain any useful information. If someone has a recommendation for a product that relates to the topic, I will be glad to pass that information on, as long as it has relevant text to go with it, but I won’t publish “spam” emails that are only pushing products and/or are not relevant to the topic.

I tend to write long posts, and that is my style. I am trying to break that bad habit, but it isn’t easy when I have something to say. Too many blogs try to be “concise” and end up not relaying any useful information, or (at least) not enough. I am not going to post just to be posting. It’s no one’s business when I get up, what I have for breakfast, what the weather is like, or what I do all day, and if that’s all that happens you won’t find me posting anything. I try to provide only useful information relating to RV’ing and camping, but sometimes other things creep in.

Many bloggers are trying to offset their travel expenses by making money from (monetizing) their blogs, and since I have experience in that realm, occasionally I might mention something that can help them in that regard. It still relates to what they are doing. As readers you need to use their links to purchase things that you would use anyway. If they have been helpful to you, then be helpful to them. By buying through their (or my) links, we make small commissions from those purchases (and sometimes just from clicks), and that money helps to offset our costs of providing this information. So let us thank you ahead of time, and hope that you do your part.

If you are interested in learning about RV’ing and camping, from over 35 years of experience, then please join our ranks of subscribers (and growing every day), and I welcome you. You can come or go as you wish, at YOUR discretion. Welcome!

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